Truly Clear Mini Projector

LENSO, the truly clear portable projector, is designed and produced by Oui Smart.
We started with Lenso Space, which was successfully funded through a Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign. Following the positive responses, we continue to develop high-quality portable projectors.

Lenso was created with one mission: to let you experience incredible big-screen entertainment with a clear, sharp image, and fantastic sound. We want you to enjoy a movie on a big screen from anywhere, whether it’s your living room, home cinema, or backyard.

It’s a clear result. The smart mini projector streamlines the home cinema setup process and releases you from the burden of cable clutter and balancing a bunch of devices. It is a laser-focused platform for movie lovers with DLP technology. Equipped with DLP (Digital Light Processing) that offers brilliant, colorful, and clear images. Cinema-class projectors offer superb contrast, brightness, and color. The final image is much sharper because of the limited space between the pixels. Furthermore, DLP technology offers a deep black color compared to the other mini projectors that mean it produces a smoother image with no shadows. 

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Build your fun home cinema with smart projectors with LENSO mini projector. 
Lenso See Mini Projector
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